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  • Cap'n Goldgrubbers Treasure Hunt Cap'n Goldgrubbers Treasure Hunt 7415 jogar Despite the trope's prevalence in fiction, historical pirates weren't much for burying treasure. Each day takes you to a different islet with numerous buried treasures and one "secret" treasure hidden therein. Click on a square to move to it, and click on the square you're standing on to dig for (hopefully) treasure. Analysis: The theme was "sandbox", and the game does successfully capture the feeling of two kids playing as pirates, digging up treasure in the backyard. There's some kind of visceral joy about uncovering something in the sand (an interesting shell, a piece of sea glass, a mysterious old coin...) and Cap'n GoldGrubber excels at replicating that experience. A large part of the game's appeal is the titular captain. Kudos to Joshua Tomar for his exceptional voice acting. It's fun to hunt treasure (though occasionally made difficult by the scenery), but, once you've purchased a handful of upgrades, finding becomes so easy that it becomes non-challenging and repetitive.
  • Cursed Treasure-Dont Touch My Gems Cursed Treasure-Dont Touch My Gems 6373 jogar Protect your gems from being stolen in this tower-defense game.
  • Diamond Dust Diamond Dust 6296 jogar Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but they'll be your enemy in Diamond Dust!
  • Jewel Quest Jewel Quest 5478 jogar Mergulhe neste jogo jóias apreciar em que seu objetivo é combinar a jóia para limpá-la no tabuleiro. |
  • Mina de diamantes Mina de diamantes 5299 jogar Ganhar pontos através da formação de filas de 3 ou mais pedras idênticas. |
  • Atlantis Quest Atlantis Quest 4865 jogar Embarcam numa viagem ao redor do antigo terras em busca dos grandes mistérios. |
  • Honors And Gems Honors And Gems 4850 jogar Play this Bejeweled game with lots of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and all kinds of gems. Try to pair up 3 gems or more of the same color in one row. This way you can earn points and pins. Try to win them all and achieve a super high score! Play this Bejeweled game with lots of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and all kinds of gems. Try to pair up 3 gems or more of the same color in one row. This way you can earn points and pins. Try to win them all and achieve a super high score!
  • Runaway Thief Runaway Thief 4563 jogar Try to collect money before arrested. Don\’t forget, the police is on your heels. They want to capture you.
  • Marie's Jewel Journey Marie's Jewel Journey 4309 jogar Help Marie find her way back by solving the jewels puzzles. Click on sets of 3 or more matching jewels to clear a path for Marie.
  • Deluxe Diam's Deluxe Diam's 4075 jogar Match at least 2 of the same jewels to obtain points.
  • Marine Puzzle Marine Puzzle 4067 jogar Marine Puzzle invites you to the fascinating world of watery waste, fresh breeze and hot sea battles. If you want something more exciting and challenging, Marine Puzzle is just the game for you. Match3 games have never been so thrilling and absorbing.
  • Gem Catcher Gem Catcher 3950 jogar Cute is quite an amazing bunny: in addition to being Zee's best friend and favorite pet, he also takes a part-time job as a gem catcher. With a rapidity only known for bunnies, Cute can catch thousands of precious stones in his little basket. Help Cute be
  • Puzzle Roma Puzzle Roma 3824 jogar Swap 2 objectos adjacentes para criar uma linha de 3 ou mais objetos idênticos. |
  • Tinkerbell's Jewel Jumble Tinkerbell's Jewel Jumble 3663 jogar Help Tinkerbell to match 2 adjacent jewels to make them disappear and score points.
  • Spider Rainbow Spider Rainbow 3617 jogar O arco-íris aranha viagens através de um mundo mágico. quão longe você pode levá-lo? |
  • Cradle of Persia Cradle of Persia 3579 jogar Conquistar o seu caminho através de todos os níveis para criar obras de arte da antiga Pérsia e libertar o gênio da lâmpada de Aladim! desbloquear um mistério nunca antes vistas pelo homem, aqui em Cradle of Persia! |
  • Puzzle Brawler Puzzle Brawler 3504 jogar
  • Pirate Chains Pirate Chains 3352 jogar Cadeias forma de três ou mais jóias idênticas e trazer a chave para o bloqueio. |
  • Batalha de cristal Batalha de cristal 3215 jogar Ele está cheio de trocar o ícone, a batalha de esmagamento de cristal!
  • Margrave manor dois navios perdidos Margrave manor dois navios perdidos 3108 jogar A intrigante hist
  • Mist Mist 2971 jogar Descobrir uma fant
  • Smash Diamonds Smash Diamonds 2842 jogar This cool retro game is destined to be a smash hit with Match-3 fans!
  • Rich Mine Rich Mine 2815 jogar Help the little gnomes to collect all gems. Throw a pick, shoot down the gems and catch them with your barrow truck. Aim carefully because the number of the picks is limited. Beware of ghosts, spiders and bats. They can steal a pick.
  • John faz aventura John faz aventura 2696 jogar Incline para frente e para trás em seu carrinho de mineração como você pegar as gemas para completar cada nível. |
  • Caça ao tesouro 2 Caça ao tesouro 2 2649 jogar Igualar-se as gemas e as jóias encontradas no fundo do mar para ganhar pontos. |
  • Snowy: ii caçador de tesouros Snowy: ii caçador de tesouros 2591 jogar Um jogo semelhante ao antigo jogo Lode Runner. recolher jóias e ouro. |
  • Ele é meu Ele é meu 2584 jogar Move pela tela para pegar as jóias como o mineiro cai-los. pegar todas as jóias para passar ao próximo nível. |
  • Snowy: caçador de tesouros Snowy: caçador de tesouros 2541 jogar Pegar as jóias que você subir escadas e fazer o seu caminho para as saídas de nível. curto, mas divertido ainda. |

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